Our Youth Initiatives

Camp Royal 

Rotary Club of Weaverville is committed to providing our youth opportunities to learn and grow.  Camp Royal is a cornerstone of our youth initiatives.  Our club sponsors members of community each year to attend Camp Royal.  You can learn more about this at camproyal.org.

Leader – Paul Hauser                                  

Volunteers – Jamie Green, Kimberly Trujillo, Roy Weil



Camp Trinity

This important initiative is focused on providing disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to learn and grow.  Each year our club sponsors a deserving child’s participation in Bar 717 Ranch Summer Camp.  

Leader – Jamie Green

Volunteers – Dero Forslund, Jim Underwood

Trinity High School Scholarships

Rotary Club of Weaverville is honored to provide scholarships to graduating seniors of Trinity High School.  Through our scholarship foundation, we provide over $15,000 in scholarships each year to deserving students.  

Leader –   Jill Cox 

Volunteers – Irl Everest, Ric Leutwyler, Jim Underwood



Youth Music Program

This new initiative is focused on ensuring that opportunities to learn and appreciate music are available to our youth throughout the community.  Current efforts are focused on fleshing out plans and identifying sources of funding.  

Leader – Dero Forslund

Volunteers – Jamie Green

Youth Mentoring Program

This new program is focused on providing young members of our community access to mentors who can help them on their journey to realize their full potential.  Current efforts are focused on fleshing out the details of the initiative.  

Leader – Jamie Green 

Volunteer – Tara Jones, Ric Leutwyler  



International Youth Exchange Program

Our club is excited to provide deserving youth the opportunity to broaden their horizons through participation in Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program.   

Leader – Kimberly Trujillo

Volunteers – Jamie Green, Pat Frost, Gus Kormeier

Career Shadowing Program

This new program is focused on providing young members of our community access to career shadowing opportunities.  We hope that our youth will be inspired by learning more about the many ways in which they might apply time individual gifts as they launch their own careers.   

Leader – Tara Jones

Volunteer – Jamie Green, Gus Kormeier, Kimberly Trujillo, Ric Leutwyler