Our Community Initiatives

Weaverville Downtown Trash Cans

Rotary Club of Weaverville funded the purchase of trash cans for the Main Street area years ago.  We continue to invest in this initiative through funding of additional trash cans and maintenance of existing trash cans.  Our club leverages grant funding from Rotary International along with local donations for this initiative.

Leader – Pat Frost                                       

Volunteers – Kevin Cahill, Amelia Fleitz, Jamie Green, Paul Hauser, Ron Schneider, Roy Weil                       



Little Libraries

Little Libraries make improves access to books throughout our communities.  Our club is currently working on plans to introduce new Little Libraries in Weaverville.  You can learn more about Little Libraries with this link. 

Leader – Kevin Cahill

Volunteers – Tom Nickerson, Colleen O’Sullivan,  Jim Underwood

Weaverville Downtown Public Restrooms

Our club is committed to working with other organizations and individuals interested in creating a public restroom facility for our downtown area.  Business owners on Main Street agree that this is an important initiative.  Efforts are currently focused on identification of funding resources and other organizations that would like to make this vision a reality.

Leader – Colleen O’Sullivan                                       

Volunteers – Jill Cox, Everett Harvey Jr, Gus Kormeier, Tom Nickerson, Kimberly Trujillo, Jim Underwood, Roy Weil                       



Weaver Basin Trail Project

Rotary Club of Weaverville is committed to ensuring the continued expansion and enhancement of our local trail system.  Our focus at this point is on supporting ongoing efforts to raise funds and coordinate volunteer involvement.

Leader – 

Volunteers – Irl Everest, Gus Kormeier, Kimberly Trujillo

Weaverville’s 4th of July Parade

Our club is proud to be the organizer of this important tradition for our community.  An event like this requires a great deal of planning, coordination, and on-site support.  We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors.

Leader – Tom Nickerson                                      

Volunteers – Jill Cox, Irl Everett, Amelia Fleitz, Paul Hauser, Ric Leutwyler, Ron Schneider, Colleen O’Sullivan, Jim Underwood, Roy Weil