Our Fundraising Initiatives

Dream Makers Gala

Rotary Club of Weaverville teams up with other organizations to make this a very special event.  Previous Gala’s have generated over $125,000 to support scholarships. 

Leader – Jim Underwood

Volunteers –  


Golf Ball Drop

Our annual Golf Ball Drop is a lot of fun and a great way to raise funds for community initiatives.  From reaching out to potential donors, to being onsite for the big event, members come together to make a difference each year.  .

Leader – Dero Forslund

Volunteers – Gus Kormeier, Ron Schneider, Kimberly Trujillo, Jim Underwood, Roy Weil

Rotary Golf Tournament

This annual event is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together for fun and for impact.  Money raised through the golf tournament support community initiatives.  There are always plenty of roles for members in this multi-faceted fundraiser.  

Leader – Jim Underwood

Volunteers –  Dero Forslund, Paul Hauser, Ron Schneider, Kimberly Trujillo, 


Trinity Triathlon

This initiative is in the ideation stage.  Members are considering different venues, events, and approaches.  Our goals for this initiative go well beyond fundraising.  We hope to introduce a new tradition that brings our community together, brings new visitors to our county, and creates a fun and healthy experience for everyone.  

Leader – 

Volunteers – Tara Jones, Gus Kormeier, Ric Leutwyler, Tom Nickerson, Ron Schneider, Kimberley Trujillo, 

Bowling Tournament

This is another new initiative-in-the-making for our club.  Members are still in the ideation stage.  

Leader –

Volunteers –  Everett Harvey Jr, Kimberley Trujillo


Team Up Against Polio

Rotary has been working to eradicate Polio for more than 35 years.  Team Up Against Polio brings the Rotary Club of Weaverville together with local youth sports teams to raise funds for the ongoing efforts to eradicate Polio.  Our 2022 fundraiser with the Trinity Preparatory Academy Girls Volleyball Teams raised over $2,000.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s ($2 to $1) match turned our $1,500 into $4,500.  The Girls Volleyball Teams earned $500 for equipment, uniforms, and tournament expenses. 

Leader – Ric Leutwyler

Volunteers –